It's Relay Easy!

Send and receive emails using your domains


But relay, what is it?

MX allows you to send and receive emails using your domain names without having to change your existing email provider.

Create powerful forwarding rules using regular expressions to decide where incomming mail should be sent to. This is perfect for isolating registration and transactional mail from your real email address; don't rely on third parties to provide correct unsubscribe flows, or respect your privacy!

Getting started is relay (last one, promise) easy. First you verify ownership of your domain by creating a temporary, but unique CNAME record. Once verified we provide you with the following DNS records to configure in your registrar:

  • MX - These records let mail sending agents know where to send your mail.
  • SPF - This TXT record let mail receivers know what IP addresses are allowed to send mail on your behalf.
  • DKIM - Every email sent from our system has it's headers and body signed. The recipient can then use this record to verify that the email is exactly as it was sent. This prevents tampering.
  • DMARC - This is a policy record that lets email recipients know what to do if they receive mail that fails SPF or DKIM checks.

We never store any data that wouldn't be useful for you - that means we don't store IPs you logged in from, or IP's of MTA's that connect to our servers.

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No need to move

MX allows you to keep your existing email accounts where they are, no need to change phone settings or adjust bookmarks.

Send & Receive

Create rules to decide how and where incoming mails are routed. Use our SMTP submission to send from any address within your domain.


Protect your inbox and Domain reputation and prevent misuse with features such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC.

Privacy that suits you

We understand that privacy is important, but we also understand that losing emails can be an issue.

Use our Control Panel to adjust the level of logging you are comfortable with.

Plans & Pricing

Dip your toe in the water and see what it's all about.
  • 1 Domain
  • 2 Aliases
  • 3 Destinations
  • 10 Outbound Emails
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  • Unlimited Domain
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